Construction Features


Construction Features

Quick and easy change of the reel

Using a forklift, the operator places the reel complete with support shaft, near the loading area (1).

Then, using the lever placed on the side of the machine, the two arms are raised and transport the reel to the working position (2-3-4).

Unwinding of the film including cutting and sealing of the bottom of the bag

Punching of the bag to release the air from the inside

Step by step shifting of the bag with a pendular motion

Filling mouth with suction cups for the opening of the empty bag

Sealing of the full bag’s mouth using “impulse” sealing bars

K Welding (optional)

In order to obtain a very compact bag, K welding of the edges of the bag can be used.
In this way the head and bottom profiles of the full bag will be perfectly squared.
This operation is performed with the use of additional sealing bars positioned before the forming phase.

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